Oral Hygiene Dos and Don’ts’s  

Ever wanted to have straight teeth that could blow someone away. For some it is as easy as making sure that they are taking care of their mouth through good oral hygiene. For some people they made need a little help from an orthodontist Gramercy Park (New York City), to correct their teeth or any tooth issue you can think of.  
Oral Hygiene

It is hardly their fault because sometimes these issues are inborn or developed overtime. This shouldn’t be used to look down on this people. Instead there should be a spreading of awareness of what it means to neglect your oral hygiene. So, here are some reminders for you to brush up on your oral hygiene, no pun intended.  


It is important that you use soft bristled toothbrush for your teeth. They are a lot friendly to the gums, and it would be easier for this type of brush to reach under the gums. Although brushing your teeth with hard bristle brush may sound like a good idea it actually isn’t.  


It is highly recommended that you brush at the very least twice a day, not just your teeth but including your gums and the entirety of your mouth. Brushing your teeth will ensure that you would be getting rid most of the debris that is in your mouth. It would also keep the sugars and other fluid out of your mouth that could damage the enamel of the teeth. 


It is important that you floss your teeth after brushing your teeth. So, that there are no debris or tartar buildup in between your teeth. However, flossing is not as simple as haphazardly running the floss thread in between your teeth. The movement can wound your gums so you should still good care of that. 


It is something that you cannot control unfortunately. However, there are ways or methods wherein you can stop or lessen night time grinding. You may speak with your dentist what are the best way to keep yourself from grinding your teeth at night. The most common is to wear a mouthguard just to keep your teeth from grinding with each other.  


Don’t smoke, because it is something that would destroy your teeth. Cigarette is very toxic and will destroy the enamel of the teeth as well as cause other forms of diseases in the mouth. It would also adversely affect your body, lungs would be damaged with long term use of cigarette. It is also addictive so, it is recommended to just stay away from cigarettes.  


Your diet could also adversely affect your mouth health. Too much sugar can destroy your teeth and weaken your bone structure. So, in order to avoid that watch your diet avoid too sugary food and instead focus on other food groups that would be healthy for you.   

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